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How To Remove A Fishbone That Mistakenly Gets Stuck In Your Throat

It is not uncommon to mistakenly swallow fishbones especially if we eat a lot of fish.

Sometimes some of these fishbones may accidentally gets stuck in the throat and may become a medical emergency if it is not successfully removed in the house.

According to medical news today, chocking is a leading cause of death among infants and fourth leading cause of death among preschool children.

However, chocking may not necessarily be as a result of fishbones, other substances like toys,small pieces of food, nuts and candies may be responsible.

In this article, we want to highlight ways of removing a fishbone that accidentally gets stuck in the throat. This is common for people who eat a lot of fish and occurs more in little children of preschool age.

Below are various methods that can be adopted to remove fishbone that gets stuck in the throat:

1. Forcefully coughing it out.

2. Taking a tablespoon of olive oil.

This may help in lubricating the throat making it possible for the bone to slip through the throat.

3. Drinking a carbonated soft drink.

Carbonated soft drinks produce bubbles that may help to cause something to be forced out from the throat.

4. Swallow a large bite of banana.

This will help to stick on the bone and gently force it in to the stomach without causing harm.

5. Swallow a large bite of soaked bread.

Another potent method for removing fishbone from the throat is to take some pieces of bread, soak it in water for some seconds and then swallow a large bite. This may also cause the bone to be forced into the digestive tract.

6. Take a large bite of bread with butter.

7. Take a little vinegar.

This may help to break down the fishbone with it's acid.

Any of the methods mentioned above would help to remove fishbone that accidentally gets stuck to the throat,but if you try these methods and the pain continues, report to your doctor immediately.

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