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6 Causes Of Irregular Menstruation Every Woman Should Know (No.2 Is Affecting Them The Most)

There are so many strategies that woman experience on their irregular period or disorder way of their menstrual. Indeed, based on research, it have analysed that some woman experience this in every month and let's look at what can cause irregular period. As we all know that educationally, menstrual cycle is for about 28 days. Every woman will experience this for about 3-7 days. Menstrual can occur at lady's hormonal organs are the end of the month from 25th of every month or early the begining of other month. There are 6 things that can cause irregular, missing or late period.

1. Too Much Stress:

Stress is also the one factor that can cause irregular menstruation. There is a stress hormone called Cortisol, Cortisol is a stress that also concerned on the two reproductive hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) that are secreted by our body.

When there is too much of cortisol in the blood canal, there is a certain probability that the rate of flow of menstruation can change dynamically and it may not come at normal time.

2. Inadequate Diet:

Entirely, another factor that can cause irregular menstrual is the diet we are taken to the body.

There are some meal that are not supposed to be taking regularly to the body to avoid abnormal weight gain, when the diets that are rich in unhealthy nutrients that varying body hormones and can lead to missing or late menstrual period.

3. Hormonal Disease:

There are some infections that can become an obstacle to menstruation. Certainly, woman can be infected by some various diseases like thyroid disorder or hormonal Disease which can lead to late period.

Again when the thyroid hormone's blood is in a low state or extremely it can lead to irregular flow of menstrual blood.

4. Over Exercising:

To be assume, when you waste energy on gymnastics activities this can also cause an infection to the menstrual period especially when there is exhausted of energy and no energy left in the body.

You are advice to do neutral exercise but let it as a limitation.

5. Excessive Drinking of Alcohol:

Too much alcohol can burst or cause harm to the liver which can also cause effect to period hormones. The liver also take impact on the menstrual cycle by breaking down of oestrogen and progesterone.

But when the liver is affected, it can also stop working for menstrual period.

6. Menopause:

this is a stage when the woman will not be able to experience their menstrual period talkless of giving birth. It happen when the woman is between the age of 45 to 50. But this number is the least factor because is constant for every woman.

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