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What makes some women to urinate during intercourse

According to WebMD, urinating during intercourse" is a "extremely widespread health concern" that "affects many people (primarily women) during intercourse." Because men have a defense mechanism that makes it difficult for them to urinate while having a hard-on, this is more of an issue for women.

This article will give a brief summary of the reported causes of urine in women during s£xual activity,

1.The frequency of involuntary urinating during sexual intercourse has been linked to incontinence, according to recent studies. Loss of bladder control occurs unintentionally in people with urinary incontinence. Sexual activity can put stress on a woman's genitourinary system, increasing the risk of urinary incontinence. All women should have a thorough understanding of the dangers they face.

2.There is evidence to suggest that those who encounter these conditions are also more likely to experience urine incontinence. Gas, nerve injury (from disorders like stroke and diabetes), medication (particularly antidepressants & blood pressure drugs), natural diuretics, and bladder irritants can all cause involuntary urination. Every single woman should take measures to safeguard herself against threats that can be avoided.

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