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US Surgeons Does First Successful Pig Kidney Transplant To Human Patient

The world today is fast paced as a lot of new discoveries from research works are made almost on a daily basis.

One of the latest discoveries to be made is the successful transplant of the kidney of a pig into a human being.

According to a new post by instablog9j_ on their Instagram page, it was reported that surgeons in an hospital called NYU Langone Health in Newyork, United States (US) were able to successfully conduct the first transplant of a pig's kidney into a human patient who showed signs of kidney dysfunction.

The patient was a female who was brain-dead and placed on life support. When the surgeons wanted to perform the experiment, they asked for her family's consent and were given the approval to go ahead with it after which they took her off life support and successfully carried out the transplant experiment.

As gathered in the report, the pig which was used for the experiment already had it genes altered so that the molecule known to cause immediate rejection when transplanted into someone were no longer in its tissues.

Also, after the successful transplant, the researchers were able to assert that the kidney worked just fine as would have been expected if it were a human kidney.

Article Source: instablog9j_

This should be a welcome development as it really shows that researchers are making efforts to find new discoveries every day that would help to save human lives and promote better living.

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