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6 Warning Signs That Show You Have Overeaten

Sometimes, intense hunger can make us to overeat when we see food. This is why it's very important to discipline ourselves when it comes to food because the human body can get sickened when it's continuously being bombarded with food when full. Like the saying goes, “too much of everything is bad”, overeating can also have some negative effects in the body such as weight gain, impair memory functions, bloating, and others. In this article, I will show you some signs you will notice in your body when you've overeaten.

1. Your clothes become tight.

While eating, if you notice that your clothes has become tighter, this may be a sign to stop eating because the stomach widens with continuous intake of food, thus making us to feel uncomfortable.

2. You have stopped enjoying the taste of the food.

The first few bites of food are usually the most delicious. This is because food tastes nice when you're hungry. Once you're filled, ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone reduces, thus making the food taste less nice. It's advisable to stop eating after this because failure to do that could result in overeating.

3. You experience meal hot flash.

Digestion raises the body temperature. If you overheat while eating, this may be an indicator for you to drop your spoon.

4. You feel tired and need to take a break.

It is not a must to finish all the food in the plate. You need to stop eating when you're full because it's more healthy. If you subconsciously drop your spoon while eating as a result of tiredness, it may be a sign to stop eating.

5. You feel as if you will die if you don't stop eating.

As funny as this sounds, it's actually the truth. Overeating can make you feel sick, it could even lead to vomiting because of excess food intake, so, if you eat to the extent of feeling sick, better stop.

6. You feel too satisfied.

The satisfaction we get from food is not supposed to be 100 percent because it could make us feel sluggish and slow. Once you've achieved 80 percent satisfaction while eating, it's advisable to keep your spoon to avoid overeating.

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