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Do these six things if you want to sleep well at night - Doctor

It's fast becoming a normal that people tend to spend most of their productive time at work. Most work hours last from 9am to 5pm. Most people who go to work Will still have to find means of getting home and in some cases, some spend a good number of hours in traffic before getting home. For working class mother's, they will still have to do some cooking and ensure the welfare of the family before getting to sleep.

Many have complained about the inability to find time to get enough sleep as a result of busy work schedule. It is important to know that not getting enough sleep has some adverse effects on the health such has stroke, heart disease, cardiac arrest. Lack of sleep can also affect productivity at work.

A Doctor named Aproco Doctor has highlighted ways to get enough sleep. He said people should avoid eating heavy meals at night, avoid taking caffeine at night, usage of ear plugs to reduce surrounding noise, drink less water before bed time, avoid alcohol before bed time, avoid pressing phones or working late on Laptop before bedtime. Doctors have also advised that it is good to get at least eight hours of sleep daily for holistic health.

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