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Story: Sweet but Psycho - Chapter 1

Like before reading 😘 Sweet but Psycho

Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel.


She's loveable, unpredictable, mischievous and...well, a psycho. She's Cookie Aileen Carlisle, a jovial girl with many personalities. He's stubborn, hard headed and a cruel lad, a no nonsense cad. She's the water to his blazing light, the controller to his madness. She's his perfect antidote.

😋 Segment one


I tapped my feet nervously with my hands between my legs as I waited for dad to arrive and kill me. I was in the Vice Chancellor's office with five angry lecturers glaring holes into my head. What? Why are they so old? I rolled my eyes to the student I beat up, his face was brutally ruined, it would take him months to get his ugly face back to normal and I'm proud about that. The door opened as dad walked in, I grinned immediately his eyes landed on me. He sighed heavily and face palmed himself.

'The Chancellor is inside,' the secretary said. Dad nodded, gave me one final glare before walking to the office. I sat down there and waited, I could hear the Chancellor yelling at the top of his voice.

'You are really trouble,' Prof. Redbrick said with hate. I snarled at him, he flinched and cleared his throat. I smirked and winked at him, I'm a bitch. Dad walked out minutes later, steam coming out of his ears and nose.

'Move,' he commanded and walked out. I gladly picked up my bag and ran out after him, I stayed five feet behind him for safety reasons. He walked with so much anger, like I did anything serious. Student scurried away from me the moment they saw me, fuck! I love being feared. His guard opened the door for us, I jumped in behind him, not daring to say a word. We drove home in silence, I knew he was saving the yelling for when we get home and I was waiting for the yells I was use to.

When the car stopped at home, I jumped out of the moving car, he's use to me always jumping out of a moving car. I ran inside, mom please don't be at work. I sighed with relief when I saw her there braiding her little niece's hair. 'Mom,' I cooed and hugged her, switching to cute mood.

'You got into a fight again,' she sighed.

'He insulted me,'

'A he again!'

'Not just a he!' Here it comes. 'She beat up men, men Monica!' He yelled.

'Devon please calm down, don't yell at our daughter that way...' I tapped my cousin to go upstairs. What's that her name again?

'Don't tell me to calm down!!! Don't tell me!!!' I picked up mom's glass of yoghurt and sipped it. 'She got into a fight with four men, tall hefty ones....'

'You didn't even see them....'

'Be quiet!'


'Why did she beat them up? Because they whistled at her and commented on her body. Then her lecturer tried to intervene but alas! He's unconscious in a fucking hospital!'

'School clinic actually,' I chipped in. Mom smacked my arm. 'Whaaat,' I drawled poutingly.

'One of the guy's face was brutally bruised, something I will pay a lot of money on. The second which is the Chancellor's nephew, got a dislocated kneecap. The third will need eye surgery and the last, God help you the cops don't hold you for attempted murder.'

'I didn't hurt them that much, they didn't just commented on my body, they tried to touch me.' I defended, dropping the yogurt.

'Tried!' He snorted. 'Have anyone ever successfully come ten feet close to you!'

'What is your problem Cookie,' mom sighed. 'Why are you trying to kill us....'

'She's just like your father! A fucking idiot and he is the one pampering her....'

'Don't insult my father Devon, please.'

'Well, congratulations, you have been expelled....'

'Again!' Mom yelled, turning around to me. 'This is the 7th college you have been expelled from!' She cried, her eyes watering. 'Why do you want to kill me Cookie, what have I done to you!' I sighed, I hate it when she cries.

'I don't care about your patheticness, from now on, you are no longer going to school....'


'I won't waste one more penny on you. You are no longer a child, you are 21, that's good enough. Get ready, you are getting married.'

I scoffed amusedly. 'Very funny dad,'

'You will know who's joking by the time your husband gets here...'


'Not another word,' he snapped. He will die of high blood pressure if he don't learn to calm down. 'Get yourself ready for tomorrow.' With that, he stomped out. I shrugged, he's a joker.

'Cookie, why can't you behave yourself? Why don't you ever....' I hugged her again, she can't resist my hug. She sighed and sniffed. 'He will have you married off,'

'That won't happen,' I assured her and stood up. 'Gotta rest, be right back.' I ran upstairs to my room, this is so annoying.

My name is Cookie Aileen Carlisle, I'm 21 like my dad rudely stated out. He believes I'm crazy, a nut case and that's why he sent me to rehab thrice. I'm okay, fine and healthy, don't know why people kept calling me crazy and a psycho maniac. Eh, whatever. I'm the second child, came between two boys that I don't like by the way. The eldest is just like dad, yell and yell and boss people around but the second lives like no one else in this world exist except him and his laptop. We aren't that much of a happy family because dad is the kind that impose his opinions and decisions on everyone around him.

I'm tall enough for a woman, freaking long natural black and white hair which is as stubborn as a goat. Combing my hair is war, keeping it sleep is a bigger war. However, the good thing about the hair is the glossiness and incredible fullness; just like my long lashes. I have claret eyes and plum lips with ivory skin and a fine beauty mark on my bottom lip and below my nose. What else is fascinating about me? My dimples and booty, I got em good. My hips and slender waist gave me the finishing touch but my major flaw is my chest department. I'm lacking in that area a lot.

Anyways, mom is a calm woman, a quiet emotional person, too soft for a man like dad. He always hurts her and that is the number one reason I became a rebel. My grandfather is the one encouraging me, somehow but I don't get too close for reasons best known to me. I dropped my bag on my bed and stretched on my toes, me get married at this age is stupid. My phone rang, I knew who it was. I answered the call and put it on loudspeaker.

'Cookie! You got expelled again!'

'Yes, Commanding Lieutenant General Leone Sir!' I saluted humorously.

'What is wrong with you!!! Why are you frustrating us!!!' It was my eldest brother. 'You are the most intelligent and smartest girl I know yet you are wasting your life!!!' I left the phone on the bed and went to the bathroom. When he's done ranting, he'll hang up. What was I even thinking about? Food and how to add pepper to dad's shaving cream for making mom cry last night. I took my bath after swearing for who created my breasts and walked back to the room, can you believe he's still ranting? After 20 minutes. He hasn't broken his two hours record yet. 'You can't even keep a job because of your stubbornness! Dad is right to marry you off, I fully support.'

Finally! 'Are you done?'

'No, tell me Cookie, who broke your heart? I know break up can shatter people, you were always crazy but you suddenly increased after that friend of yours ended your friendship....' Ah! Melvin, he's dead. Died in a crash and if they were caring enough, they would know he's dead, not away. Two, we were never dating because he was way older. Where am I? Oh yes, listening to him rant. ' can open up to me Cookie, I promise to help talk to dad.'

'Are you done now?'

'Yes, just tell me...'

'Okay, thank you for calling this number. Do leave a rating on our call services, bye.' I hung up and laughed, ouch! He hates it when I do that. I wiggled my toes and stood up, time to eat.


I staggered downstairs grumpily, dad sent for me, disturbing my beautiful nap. I yawned and stretched to my full length as I walked into the living room. My hair was in a tangle mess, sticking to my face and body. I wore a very big pants, one held to my waist with the support of ropes and extra large shirt. I scratched my butt and yawned as I stared at the visitor and dad.

'Why are you dressed like t....nevermind, you're Cookie. Anyways, this is my new business partner, Lord Lemuel Dalton.'

'Good afternoon sir,' I grunted, scratching my hair and butt this time. What's itching me?!

'She's beautiful, just like her mother.' The man commented.

'Like ever,' dad said proudly. 'She'll do just fine for the agreement, right?'

'Yes, a good wife....'

'Eh?' I asked with a laughing face. 'What agreement?'

'This is your husband to be Cookie, like promised.' I looked at the man from head to toe, he was way older than dad himself, close to his grave.

'Dad, are you alright?' I asked with concern.

'Don't even start Cookie....'

'No,' I said staggering back, it was like I was drunk. 'You want me to marry him, sugar daddy, someone that will die anytime from now...'

'I beg your pardon,' the man said.

'Grandpa, you wanna trade your old blood for mine,' I giggled. 'Tut tut tut, not happening.'

'You don't have a choice Cookie, you are getting married instead of staying in my house and wasting away.' Dad said stridently.

'Mm hm? Is that so?' I slurred and nodded. 'You want me to get married,' I grinned. 'No - problem,' I counted with enunciation. 'Just remember dear father that my names are Cookie Aileen Carlisle, the true daughter of her father.' I said smirkingly, I winked at him and swayed out of the living room.

Me get married, we'll see.




To be continued.

A peek, just starting.

Authoress Bunmi B. Gabriel

Content created and supplied by: Newshubs (via Opera News )

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