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One Medical Condition That Doesn't Encourage Regular Consumption Of 'Akara'


Akara is among the commonest foods in Nigeria. It is prepared by grinding beans into paste and afterwards adding to it some ingredients so as to make it tasty. While these are going on, oil is already seated on fire to heat up. The pasty beans is now moulded to form bolus and the bolus introduced into the heated oil one after the other. This process is known as deep frying. It seats on the heat till the food is ready for consumption. 

A couple medical conditions usually do not go well with consumption of fried foods. Among them would include high cholesterol levels and stomach ulcer. This article shall focus the more on stomach ulcer. 

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Inside the human stomach is contained an acid. This acid helps during breakdown of foods. Certain conditions particularly the actions of the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori is capable of causing a sore in the lining of the inner walls of the stomach leading to sipping of the acid into the sore. This is known as stomach ulcer. While it is usually a medical condition that would make the culprit uncomfortable, there are certain lifestyles that can help contain it. 

Food like Akara, as well as other ones fried in oil at high temperatures is known to upset the natural layer of protection of the digestive tract which results to deterioration of the pains accompanying the condition, as sited in Medical News Today. 

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It is possible that the pains usually come at you more after consuming such foods but you may not know what exactly the reasons are. Now you know it, try as much as possible and minimize the rate you consume such foods, some natural remedies also capable of soothing the condition includes pure honey. 

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