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Treat and Prevent Hepatitis B with these Powerful Leaf and Fruits

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver, it can be acute (short term)or chronic (long term).

It involves the inflammation of the liver which can be transmitted from mother to child during birth or breastfeeding, through unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person,sharing needles with infected person or through other body fluid. Chronic hepatitis b can lead to cirrhosis or cancer of the liver if not treated. Many people have this disease but are not aware.

The liver is one of the vital organs in the body which is essential for removing toxins from the blood, if infected by virus and not treated, it can lead to failure.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B are:

I. Jaundice: yellowish eyes and skin.

II. Mild fever.

III. Persistent fatique.

IV. Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting

V. Light coloured stool

VI. Itching

VII. Pain at the upper abdomen

To avoid cirrhosis or cancer of the liver, soursop leaves and lemon can be used to treat and prevent hepatitis b.

Soursop is low in calories but high in several nutrients, the leaf does not contain caffeine, it has anti cancer property. It's anti cancer properties have attracted the most attention. 

Soursop is high in antioxidant which can help prevent cell damage and lower the risk of chronic disease.

Every parts of it is medicinal; the leaves, fruits and stems.

Lemon is also a good source of vitamin C, it supports weight loss, aids digestion, promotes hydration and prevents kidney stones.

How to use soursop leaves tea and lemon to treat hepatitis b.

* Get 10 soursop leaves and wash with clean water.

* Put it inside a pot and add 2cups of clean water in a pot.

*Boil for 10minutes and allow to cool.

*Get one lemon and wash very well with clean water, slice and add hot water inside a clean cup.

*Cover it and leave it for 10minutes

*Sieve both soursop and lemon mixture and drink half a cup first thing in the morning and night for 4 weeks.

For effective result, 

*Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

*Avoid too much stress

*Avoid caffeine

*Eat lean protein like fish, skinless chicken, egg whites and beans.

*Avoid junk foods.

*Drink plenty water always.

Soursop leaves and lemon are both good source of vitamin C and can help in boosting the immune system of an infected person's in order to fight the virus; that's why they are both effective for the treatment of hepatitis b.

The mixture can also be taken by an uninfected person to boost the immune system.

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