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"How To Suspect, Treat, And Prevent Ectopic Pregnancy" - Online Doctor

Ectopic Pregnancy is a condition in which the pregnancy is not in the right position in the woman's bely. This is not a new thing, and this has been what a lot of women are suffering with. Scrolling through my Twitter page this morning, I've came across the tweets of an online medical personnel who goes by the Twitter username @firstdoctorr. In his tweets, he addressed and enlighten people on the causes of this health issue and how to treat and prevent it.

His tweets goes like this;

"How To Suspect, Treat, And Prevent Ectopic Pregnancy

Many women have lost their lives due to ectopic pregnancy, a life-threatening condition whereby an embryo (fertilized egg) attaches outside the womb. 

In the human body, a fertilized egg hardly survives outside the womb. If allowed to grow, it may damage nearby organs or cause severe blood loss.

The bulk of ectopic pregnancies occur in/along the Fallopian tubes.

Some in the ovaries, cervix, or random location in the abdomen.

3 common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy every woman should know:

1. Abdominal pain

2. Bleeding in the private part, &

3. Amenorrhea (missing your period)

These usually occur in early pregnancy and may come with other pregnancy symptoms like breast fullness & nausea (feeling like vomiting)

But the 4 COMMON DANGER SIGNS of ectopic pregnancy that may signify rupture are;

* Rigid abdomen

* Severe abdominal pain

* Shoulder tip pain, &

* Signs of shock such as cold hands & feet.

If these signs occur, immediate medical attention is needed to save the woman's life!

These 6 things can increase your chances of having an ectopic pregnancy;

1. Smoking

2. Previous ectopic pregnancy

3. STIs e.g. gonorrhea

4. Fertility treatments e.g. In vitro fertilization 

5. Fallopian tube surgeries 

6. Pregnancy while using Intrauterine Contraceptive Device

Your doctor may confirm ectopic pregnancy using;

• HCG blood test

• ultrasound scan, or

• laparoscopy (an operation on your abdomen).


Depending on some factors, you may be resuscitated & treated with;

• expectant measures

• methotrexate, or

• surgery


1. Limit your sexual partners

2. Use condoms.

These can help prevent STI's & reduce pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Don't smoke.

If you do, quit before trying to get pregnant.

Although you cant entirely prevent it, doing those 3 things can help!

So every pregnant woman especially within the first 3 months of pregnancy needs to know the basic symptoms of ectopic pregnancy!

This may help her identify the problem early enough and access timely life-saving treatment before it's too late."

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