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Check Out These Very Common Things You Probably Didn't Realize Can Kill Humans

Death is a tragedy that brings about pain and sadness. There are a lot of things that can cause death to human beings as it is said that death is inevitable. 

The causes of death are very diverse. People die everyday in every part of the world and sometimes it can become unexpected.

There are some things that seems very harmless and simple but can cause serious danger and even death to humans. They may seem surprising but they are dangerous and it is advisable that absolute caution is taken. Here are some of the common things that are capable of causing death to humans:

1. Going to the bathroom

Going to the bathroom may seem very harmless but according to one study by the Scripps Howard News Service, one American dies from drowning in their bathtub almost every day.

Older people are more susceptible to this as an old man or woman falling down in a slippery bathroom could be fatal.

2. Air Freshener

Air fresheners are what we use in our houses to clear the air in case of any unwanted smell. However, some types of air fresheners contain a chemical called Limonene which can form formaldehyde when it reacts with the air. 

According to a study of six houses in York, the amount of formaldehyde in the air of a house is enough reason for concern and could potentially cause cancer.

3. Boredom

Boredom is a very common unhealthy condition that can be very damaging. In fact, we are guessing a whole lot of people reading this right now are a little bored. 

A study found out that workers who reported being bored at work were around 2.5 times more like to die in their later years than those who had no boredom issues.

4. Drinking water 

As helpful as drinking water may be, it may be dangerous when applied much more than it should. Drinking too much water could lead to serious health problems as it could dissolve the electrolytes in the blood stream, especially sodium.

5. Lilies

The lily is a genus of flowering plant. There are many species of lilies such as trumpet lilies and tiger lilies. Some type of lilies can cause irritations and stomach issues, while lily of the valley and gloriosa lily can cause shortness of breath, paralysis and even death.

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