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Can people with high blood pressure, diabetes have regular sex

When a person has diabetes, their body has a difficult time maintaining appropriate blood glucose levels. Glucose is a form of sugar that is a primary source of energy for our bodies. The hormone insulin is required for the body to absorb glucose. In those with diabetes, the body either produces insufficient insulin or insulin doesn't work properly.

Diabetes can lead to major short- and long-term health concerns, increasing the risk of s£xual and reproductive health issues, if it is not identified or controlled.

According to the American Diabetes Association, s£xual activity can cause low blood sugar, just as jogging or aerobics. Any given amount of insulin has more blood sugar-lowering efficacy when you exercise because it makes you utilise insulin more effectively. The ADA recommends lowering insulin dosages typically before and after exercise because of this.

Plan to eat something just before or after s£x to replenish the glucose you utilize to prevent low blood sugar. First, you could also wish to check your blood sugar, even if doing so might make the situation less spontaneous.

Did you know that both men and women with diabetes or high blood sugar can benefit from having s€x?

Regular sexual activity, according to WebMD, can promote deeper, more comfortable sleep and speed up the heartbeat. Additionally, it can raise heart rate, blood flow, and mood.

Regular s£x is advised for diabetics since it can be a beneficial type of exercise for reducing insulin resistance.

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