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Things You Must Do Before Starting Any weight-loss Program

Before embarking on a weight loss program, there are several information you would have to obtain. This is so that you can broaden your knowledge in order to be able to make an effective decision based on informed consent obtained. These include:

Consulting a doctor before starting any weight loss program. This is to rule out medical limitations.

Enquire from the doctor whether if any of the medications that you’re taking might affect your weight-loss success by increasing your appetite or slowing your metabolism.

If you have embarked on a weight loss journey in the past, think about weight-loss methods that you have used in the past and how many of the factors that predict successful weight loss and sustained weight loss were part of these methods. This enables you to find out whether there are there things that you could have done differently.

You need to ascertain what you see as your “expected” weight and when you tend to achieving it. The point here is that you should set a reasonable weight loss goal. A reasonable goal has been defined as loss of 10% of your current weight over six months. Start with this kind of goal, you may be very surprise yourself that you might exceed it.

Try to Identify at least three or more people you know who have lost weight successfully and are keeping it off and find out about their experience which includes strategies and approaches they took to make it work for them, and what they are doing to sustain the weight loss. Compare the information you obtained from them and determine the most promising factors of a successful.

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