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Health benefit of Sand-paper plant (Ewe Ipin)

The use of medicinal plants has always been part of human culture and is wide spread in Africa. During the last decades, herbs and spices have been used in culinary and tra- ditional therapeutic practices for the treatment of different ailments. 

Among the plant species that has been ethno-

botanically reported to have diverse medicinal uses is the san-paper leave (Ewe Ipin) in Yoruba Language

It is a medicinal plant referred to as ''sand paper plant'' and Ewe ipin in Yoruba language of Western Ni- geria. Different parts of the plant are used for treating ;

1.eye- sores.

2.ring worm.

3.stomach pains.


5.anti-ulcer remedy.

6. Treatment of heamostative

7. opthalmia


9. heamorrhoid


11.high blood pressure



14.intestinal pains.

15 .colics.


17ulcer and wounds .

On this note,  it is important to know their elemental contents and how to use it.

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