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See Things You Need To Know About In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), For The Both Male And Female Sex.

This is a simple Question and Answer Article, that would to help us Understand IVF, and the way it works.

I used a layman's language, to further break it down for clarity.

First thing first, 

"What is IVF?"

IVF is simply an abbreviation for In Vitro Fertilization.

"What is In Vitro Fertilization?"

It is a sequence of procedures that involves extracting a woman's egg and fertilizing it with a man's sperm OUTSIDE the woman’s body in a specialized lab.

"Where does Fertilization takes place ordinarily?"

In normal situation, when the sperm of a man is released into the woman during sex, the sperm swims to find the woman's egg. When the egg and sperm meet, fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube INSIDE the woman's body.

"Can you help me summarize what you just said in simple English, that is to a lay man Understanding"?

IVF is the coming together of the egg and the sperm OUTSIDE the woman's body and is fertilized in the lab in what is called Petri dish.

While the natural process is the coming together of the sperm and egg INSIDE the woman's body and is fertilized in the body in a place called Fallopian tube.

So one is outside the woman's body, the other is inside the woman's body.

"Why IVF then?"

Generally, this process is meant to help women who have tried to get pregnant through the natural means but failed.

Sometimes due to blockage of the fallopian tube, infertility and other issues, it becomes difficult for a woman to conceive naturally. 

Meanwhile as you may have already noticed, there are many other reasons people use IVF apart from not been able to conceive sexually. 

"What could be that reason?"

With IVF It is now very possible for one to be pregnant even if the person has never had sex. She must not have difficulty of conceiving naturally or sexually before she can sort IVF.

"How is it possible?"

All that the girl needs do is to get the sperm of the type of man she wants. fortunately or unfortunately, sperms are sold these days in sperm banks with the physical attributes of the sperm owners for one to make a choice.

So for the too religious people, don't be annoyed. But the truth is you can't accuse the woman of fornication nor will you say she is not a virgin even though she already has two children and you saw with your two eyes the pregnancy. In other words, with science, virgin pregnancy is possible.

"What about the guys. . .?"

Good question! Have you read Dan Brown's novel 'Angels and Demons'? Brown painted a fictional story of a Pope who was able to have a child without breaking his oath of celibacy. In the novel, it was quoted thus ". . .Science let him experience the joys of fatherhood without breaking his vow of celibacy. ... "

"How did he do that?"

All he did was to give out his sperm and it was used to fertilize an egg. The fertilized egg was planted into a woman, the baby was carried in the womb and was born. Simple!

"Yes to add to it",

But even at that you can't be too sure because it has been discovered that sperm can be found in urine when men urinate.

  Also when sperm accumulates in men's body, it finds a way to go out. This is what most experience as wet dreams or the technical term nocturnal emission. 

This means a man can father a child without even touching a woman or even masturbating.


So For couples finding it hard, to bear children, IVF is an option, once the couple can afford it.

In most Countries, couples who does not want to go through the hassle and pains of Child birth, use IVF as a viable option.

Content created and supplied by: JagozyChigozie (via Opera News )

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