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Why You Shouldn't Watch TV While You Are Eating

Watching television while eating is a common habit for everyone. Whether with your family or alone, enjoying the meal along with your favorite series creates a pleasant atmosphere. If you eat in front of the television, you’re paying attention to what’s going on there, instead of focusing on your food. Here are reasons why you shouldn't focusing TV while you are eating.

1. Television causes distraction when you are eating.

According to medical science, when you eat your brain notes the internal processing of food and sends the message back in terms of taste and palate satisfaction. But, when you eat while watching television, your concentration deviates and thus the brain gets distracted and sends out wrong signals and hence leads to overeating

2. For a healthy living

Change is inevitable, but when it becomes a harmful practice it needs to be banned. Today, we are talking about the change in eating habits in the modern society. Earlier, sitting together at the dinner table and having a hearty meal with the family was an everyday ritual. But with the change in time and because of our fast-paced lifestyles, now having the meal is no more a practice, it’s a duty that we complete while reading books or watching television. And, if you are reading this piece of information while eating, we hope you will stop the act today.

3. You might not feel satiated:

When you sit in front of the TV and eat, the concept fo mindful eating doesn't apply. This is because, when your mind is focussed on watching TV, it blocks the feeling of satisfaction. And even though you might have eaten a lot, you end you feeling unsatiated. Sitting in front of the TV and eating is just the same as putting things in your mouth mechanically without realising how much you have eaten. So at the end of the day, you end up filling hungry and tend to eat more.

4. You might binge on junk food:

Another common reason why you should not watch TV while eating is that you might choose quantity over quality, which is mostly packaged food that is loaded with calories. Most often that not, in such a scenario, the real companions to catch up with friends over a cricket match or a movie are a pack of chips and carbonated beverages. Also, most of the TV commercials are loaded with fast foods and packaged foods, which in turn make you opt for unhealthy food choices, further leading you to munch on unhealthy foods.

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