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10 Negative Effects Of Pepper In Our Body.

Pepper is one of the top most used spice around the comes in different kinds that do suits our locality,and it's of great benefits to our foods.

Africa is commonly known as the highest continent,when it comes to the usage of pepper in dishes.And there are so many types of pepper in the world,but let's just list out 10 types that we are familiar with it.

1. Bell pepper: it is known to be sweet.

2. Mini sweet pepper: There are very small and are similar to Bell pepper.

3. Cubanelle pepper: These are well known in Italy,and are used for frying because it doesn't have enough heat.

4. Banana pepper: It is called banana pepper, because of how it's long and curvy like banana.

5. Cherry Pepper: There are sweet and can be eaten without cooking.

6. Poblano pepper: Mostly used in roasting for good cent's and better taste.

7. Jalapeno: These are very good and popular around the globe,mostly used in frying and preparing meals because of it's great taste.

8. Fresno pepper: These type of pepper looks like carrot.

9. Serrano pepper: these are the types of pepper used in noodles.

10. Thai pepper: These are sold in many grocery store.

Now that you have idea about 10 types of pepper.lets see the negatives effects of pepper and what it causes to the human body.

1. It causes internal heat and these can lead to quick hotness of the body.

2. It's very bad to those with sensitive digestive system or a history of gut.

3. Sometimes it contribute to the quick sweat we have due to heat.

4. Causes more damage to people with symptoms of ulcer.

5. Not good for pregnant women from 3months onward, because it doesn't let the child feel good.

6. It makes your body desensitized and you will be uncomfortable.

7. When you get in contact with the hot ones it weakens the kidney.

8. Difficulties in breathing due to heat pressure on the lungs.

9. It makes those aging goes wild easily.

10. Makes our tongues change colours daily and darkens it.

The above negative effects are caused by hot peppers and excess taking of peppers.

The advisable one that is good for the health is black pepper.

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