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To get back your WHITE teeth, do these 6 things.

Growing up, what made most of us adorable as kids were our smiles. It was part of that intrinsic enigma that children exhuded to make them attractive to people.

We have grown now and some of us are still growing, but things have changed and are still changing rapidly. We have lost some of the glory that our childhood and adolescence gave us.

Having tooth discolouration can be quite embarrassing to be honest. And having to be the subject of continous jokes in your circle of friends can erode any confidence that you possess. Truthfully if you don't have self-esteem in abundance, living can become quite a burden.

But there's a way out! There is hope. And that is what I bring with this article. Don't go around life helplessly. It is good to learn how to get back a couple of things the years have stolen from you! Here we go. Below are six things you can do to get back that white sparkling teeth you have been craving for.

1. Brush thoroughly and with CHARCOAL. Life has become too modern these days and it looks as though we are now taking for granted things our predecessors relied on to achieve amazing results. One of which is brushing with charcoal. Charcoal possesses natural properties that aid teeth whitening. A continuous use for about 21 days will produce visible results.

2. Try flossing regularly. I see young people carry about yellow stains on tooth crevices and believe me it is always an eye saw. Flossing is the removal of tiny food particle remainders with the aid of a floss or thread. If you do this for the next 3 months you'd be glad, and you will thank me.

3. Use hydrogen peroxide. This is called bleaching. It removes the extra layers on the teeth that are discoloured.

4. Watch what you eat. A lot of tooth problems are caused by the things you eat. Medical science confims that most of the health problems humans suffer are a result of LIFESTYLE. Avoid sugary foods, reduce intake of carbonated drinks. If you are a fan of too much coffee you might want to cut down. Reducing your intake of curry will also help.

5. Practice oil pulling. Oil pulling is the practice of putting a table spoon full of oil in the mouth and swishing it in your mouth to pull out toxins and improve oral health.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables. This is the most important of all, and it cannot be overemphasized. The best way to get back your white teeth is to start to diet better. Most of you don't like fruits and vegetables, and less intake of these can seriously have an adverse impact on the body. Cultivate a habit of eating fruits and vegetables, and watch your teeth colour improve.

Thanks for reading this. I appreciate your time. Drop your suggestions below, so that I know what you want me to improve.

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