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Causes of pain in the knees

The knee joint is constantly exposed to loads. During the day, we constantly sit, stand, bend, lift and carry any objects, and so on.

The knee joints are also often subject to various traumas and colds. As a result, any disorder or disease can develop in the knee joints, as a result of which we begin to feel pain in our knees.

The causes of knee pain can be different:

- Knee injuries (fractures, dislocations, strain or tearing of ligaments and tendons). Knee injuries are common. Such traumas are so dangerous that over time, serious joint diseases can develop on the background of such traumas.

- Gonarthrosis is the most common cause of chronic knee pain. The disease develops over the years. At the beginning of the disease, the pain begins to bother a person when climbing stairs, walking for a long time and after other loads.

Pain usually does not occur in a calm state. The patient hears a squeaking sound in the knee, there is a feeling of tightness in the joint, the mobility of the joint decreases.

As the disease progresses, the nerves and blood vessels that pass through it become constricted, resulting in constant pain in the knee (both during movement and at rest), the shape of the knee joint changes, and the mobility of the joint decreases.

- Diseases of the meniscus (meniscopathies and meniscal cysts). Usually the pain is felt in one knee. The disease develops after trauma or long-term damage to the knee. The disease is chronic. In these diseases, the joint does not deform. However, over time, gonarthrosis can develop against the background of these disorders.

- Arthritis . During this disease, the knee joint becomes swollen and red, the pain intensifies at night, when the weather changes, in a calm state.

- Disorders of blood circulation in the knee joint. This condition is more common in adolescents. During adolescence, the process of staining is very fast, and sometimes the body can not immediately adapt to this process of staining. As a result, there may be pain in the knees. After a while, these laments usually go unnoticed. These pains may increase after loading, cooling, and pass after a light massage.

- Inflammation of the tendons. Pain in the knee occurs when climbing stairs or carrying heavy objects. The pain is usually felt under the knee. Over time, the mobility of the joint deteriorates.

- Bursitis of the knee joint - inflammation of one or more joint sacs . During this disorder, a person feels pain in the knee, the knee becomes red, edematous, and the mobility in the knee joint decreases.

- Chondropathy of the knee cap. In this disease, degeneration processes occur in the cartilage of the knee cap, as a result of which the knee cap becomes inactive. The cause of this disorder may be an old trauma or chronic knee injury (for example, due to the nature of any profession). Pain occurs during any movement, there is a crackling, hissing in the knee. The knee joint does not actually function.

- Osteochondritis of the knee cap. During this disease, the cartilage in the knee joint gradually penetrates the surface of the joint. At the beginning of the disease, the pain is not severe. When the cartilage is completely separated from the joint, the knee joint no longer works.

- Tumors of the bones (benign or malignant). In this case, the cause of pain in the knee is the growth of the tumor and compression of the surrounding tissues.

Sometimes the disease occurs not directly in the knee, but in the spine (osteochondrosis, hernia, protrusion), in the hip joint (coxarthrosis), in the muscles, and pain is felt, including in the knee.

Knee pain can also be caused by systemic diseases of the body (bone tuberculosis, osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, polyarthritis, etc.). Some infectious diseases also cause pain in the knee joints (for example, Reiter's syndrome, Lyme disease).

Thus, the causes of knee pain are many. If you feel pain in the knees, consult an orthopedist immediately.

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