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See The Only Virus That Can Cure Infection In Humans

Many new diseases seeme to have surface over the years. And with the increase in diseases, so has man's Knowledge. Man has deviced new and genius ways to tackle his disease problem. But I think one of the weirdest possible ways of curing a disease, would be using a virus to cure it. Amazingly, as weird as this seems, it is a reality.  Bacteriophages are used to treat certain bacterial infections. This treatment is known as "phage therapy". These tiny viruses are used sometimes alone, other times in combination with antibiotics, to cure a good range of life threatening bacteria infections. The virus does not affect human cell, unlike most virus. It strictly affects mostly pathogenic bacterias. 


The virus kills the bacteria in three stages.

1. Absorption: this is the stage where the virus attaches it's self to the bacteria

2. Penetration: in this stage the virus injects it's nucleic acid into the bacteria.

3. Synthesis: in this stage the virus multiplies within the cell of the bacteria

4. Release: this is where the new viruses leave the bacteria cell. Destroying it in the process

But its applications are limited.

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