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Expert Ways Doctors and Nurses Use To Avoid Getting Sick That Would Help You Too

Doctors and nurses usually know what's best for your body, which is why they're a trustworthy source when it comes to improving overall health. In fact, to keep people healthy or help heal them when they're sick, doctors must maintain their own well-being as well, whether they're wearing their lab coats and stethoscopes in the office or donning terrycloths robes at home. You may already know a few ways to avoid getting sick, wash your hands, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, but there are others you may not have thought of.

In this article you'll learn ways doctors and nurses avoid getting sick even though they get exposed to a lot of sick people.

Eat Plenty of Prebiotics: Will Bulsiewicz, MD, gastroenterologist, says "All health starts in the gut, including 70 percent of the immune system. A healthy gut primes the immune system, making it ready to take action and protect me from invading evildoers". A prebiotic is a nondigestible food that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. In other words, prebiotics aren't food for you, they're food for your gut bacteria to make them strong and immune. The best source of prebiotics is natural plant foods like onions, asparagus, wheat bran, and bananas.

Don't Bite Your Nails: Unless you're constantly washing your hands (and sterilizing your phone and your keyboard), your fingers are probably covered in germs that can infect your portal entries, like your eyes, nose, and throat, says doctor Louis J. Morledge, MD. Biting your fingernails is a surefire way to let bacteria into your body.

Double Down on Your Hand-washing Routine: You can pick up germs from virtually everything you touch during the day. Washing your hands frequently and correctly is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Remember, by correctly, I mean washing your hands in and out with soap under running water.

Exercise Regularly: Regular, moderate-intensity exercise several days a week would enhance your ability to produce antibodies against germs.

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Eat Plenty of Prebiotics Will Bulsiewicz


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