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Signs Of HIV In Children That Should Not Be Taken For Granted

HIV found in children are mostly encountered as a result of transmission from their parent. The virus harms the immune system which weakens the body's ability to fight infections, especially in children, because they do not have fully developed immunity. Information obtained from Medical News Today, will help analyze this article to detect the signs and symptoms associated with HIV in children that should not be overlooked.

Delay in physical development

Developmental delay can be an early sign in every child with HIV, which includes inadequate weight gain and bone growth.

Swollen lymph nodes

This is another sign which involves swelling of the lymph nodes or glands, this can damage the body's ability to fight off infection in children.

Other important symptoms to look out for includes; swollen abdomen, intermittent diarrhea, itchy rashes, inflammation and swelling of lung tissue and fever in children which lasts longer than a month.

Note, that children with HIV cannot fight diseases well, which puts them at a higher risk of infections. So it is important to meet with an experienced doctor to start treatment as early as possible.

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