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These 7 Signs Shows You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

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Sugar and other refined carbohydrates are mainly seen as empty calories because the level of useful nutrient in them is low. Many people desire food that are rich in sugar because there are highly processed and the sweet stuff in them make it very palatable. Sugar can be found in many products even some unexpected ones.

Many people like and depend on quick processed foods for meals and snacks but the large proportion of sugar in them makes it very unhealthy for the body. Research has shown that excess sugar consumption is the major cause of obesity and many chronic disease like diabetes, kidney disease and even high blood pressure.

Excessive consumption of sugar is very bad for your health due to some of these reasons.

1.    It can cause weight gain.

2.    It may increase your risk of heart disease.

3.    It has been linked to acne.

4.    It increases your risk of type 2 diabetes.

5.    May increase your risk of cancer. Etc.

To ascertain whether you are eating too much sugar, your body will begin to give you some signals such as

1.    Premature ageing

Excessive consumption of sugar can cause a long term damage to your skin as it affects proteins, collagen and elastin, leading to premature wrinkles and ageing. Too much consumption of sugar also affects the female menstrual cycle as it disrupts the hormone responsible for this. Too much sugar consumption also leads to an imbalance in the gut, inflammation of the body and even cause other skin infections like eczema.

2.    Constant cravings

Sugary foods due to the sweet stuff in them can tempt us back to taking it time and time again. Consumption of sugar triggers the release of dopamine ( a reward pathway in the brain) similar to what makes drugs addictive.

3.    Low energy

Glucose is the major nutrient responsible for energy production in the body but it is necessary you keep it very balanced because it can affect the body. When sugar consumption becomes too much, the pancreas which releases insulin to help transfer glucose to the cell may experience a rush of energy. Once this energy is used up , the body will thus demand more sugar to start the cycle again. When that level of sugar is no longer available, there will be complications. Take note that the higher the sugar peak, the more extreme the sugar dip that will follow.

4.    Unexplained bloating

Gases are being produced when fewer bacteria that are not desirable ferment the undigested food in our colon. Bad bacteria love eating sugar while the good ones that are beneficial love vegetables and no gas is produced here. Too much consumption of sugar activates those bad bacteria and can lead to pain after eating thus causing uncomfortable bloating and flatulence.

5.    Weakened immune system

It is very important to keep the good bacteria active in your system by eating vegetables because 70% of our immune system is located in the gut and it is supported by beneficial gut bacteria. When you consume too much sugar, you feed those bacteria that are not wanted and this will affect the immune system.

6.    Insomnia

Too much consumption of surgery foods make sleeping at night difficult because there is a high energy rush when the body should be slowing down and preparing to rest. Serotonin (our happy hormone) is produced in the gut and this hormone is responsible for melatonin production (the relaxation hormone) which helps a good night sleep. Please if you have trouble sleeping at night; reduce the sugar in your diet.

7.    Weight gain

Glucose is the major source of the body’s energy but when it is not used immediately, excess is stored in the liver, muscles or stored as fat around the middle region. When you consume too much sugar, more glucose will be stored as fat in the middle region thus making you obese.

Health is wealth. Please, reduce your level of sugar consumption of you want to live a healthy life free of disease and illness.

Thanks for reading.

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