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How scent leaf can cure so many dreaded ailments

 As we can always say ,the earth is blessed with so many beautiful things , apart from its beauty ,she has possess so many ways of healing herself and also provided necessary healing to things inhabiting it.

  For human ,the herbs and shrubs has been of help to them because of their medicinal of those shrubs with medicinal importance is the ocimum grattissimum leaf.the leaf as is popularly Know as scent leaf ,is called daidoya in hausa ,nchanwu in Igbo and efirin in Yoruba.the home grown shrubs contains iron , phosphorus , calcium, potassium,carbon and vitamin A in high quantity .the oil extracted from the leaf has been shown to possess antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic can also be use for cooking.

   ocimum grattissimum ( scent leaf) can be use in the treatment of 

 A: ear pain; if u are experiencing ear pain ,take four to five leaves of it , squeeze the juice out n drop three drops into your ears daily for three days .

B: toothache;boil the leaves to extract the juice , drink the warm juice and use it rinse your mouth for a week.

C:for treating STD and urinary tract infections; you boil the leaves and drink the juice,use the leaves to prepare your food.

D:To drive away mosquitoes from your home;dry the leaves ,after drying burn them ,the aroma from it helps to drive out mosquitoes.

  with all this medicinal benefits is advice able for people in some categories of underlying ailments not to take or use it . people who falls in this categories are 

1: people with stroke

2: pregnant women

3: heart attack

 people with diabetes and hypertension should be careful of how they use it.

  scent leave is truly a blessing to mankind if use accordingly .


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