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If You Have Been Taking If You Have Been Taking Honey, Here Are 5 Things It Does To Your Body

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Let's start by saying what honey is,then after that,we talk about how it came from and what you benefit from taking honey.


Honey is a sweet thick liquid often in dark or brownish colour,produced from honey sacs various bees.

It also contains 18 percent of water that is soluble.

Also note that honey contains sugar,vitamins, mineral,amino acid,zinc,iron and antioxidants.

Facts to know about honey

Honey was used in the Ancient times for medicinal treatment and often used to replace sugar because of it's sweatness. Like In Egypt,it was used for embalming while in India it was used to make cakes ,preserve fruits and other meals.

Also note that honey is mentioned in the bible amd quran because of it's uniqueness.

Uses of honey

There are various ways you can use honey or means by which honey is used.

But I will just give you five of it here. you can use it from grilling to roasting in different methods of cooking.


it can be used to make cake. Also used as spray on the cake.

3.treatment: it can be used for treating wounds,cut and other health related issues.


you can use it to preserve in the picture above where some fruits are stored in a tin with honey for preservation.

5.mixed for eating:

like let's say you can use it for pap,tea and other things that you can use sugar for. The picture above is a pap with honey.

Benefits of taking honey

In other words,let's say things it does to your body.

I will also give you five benefits of taking honey amongst many others.


honey can be used for dressing wounds or cuts. This is used to ease the pain,odour and wound size.

It brings instant healing to the where you might have the cut.


Honey has been very effective in terms of reproduction in human.

For those who are having issues with given births.

A research carried out in 2013, about male rats that was given a honey,shows how it's sperm count increase.

So this can also happen to a male being as well making a his sperm count increase.


Honey is used in stopping the cancer cell from multiplying in the has an antioxidants properties that fights against cancer in the body.

4.Digestive issues:

Honey can be used to solve digestive problems and issues. Some of those issues are diarrhea, bacteria(a common cause of stomach ulcer).

5.Diabetes Treatment:

honey can help you maintain a health free life from diabetes.

Since a little portion of honey is sweetner than a bundle of sugar, it would help you maintain your blood sugar level to normal.

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