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Photos: Remember The Heaviest Child in The World? See How He Lost Weight and Lived A Normal Life

The story line and Transformation of this young boy is truly a remarkable lesson of Determination, Never to loose Hope and been Persistent.

Arya Permana hails from West Java, Indonesia was named the heaviest child in the world when he started gaining weight abnormally from the age of 2 years. As a child he loved and had the habit of eating Noodles, Sweet drinks and fry items, resulting his weight to be about 420 pound equivalent to 190 kilograms. Therefore, he was restricted to fish, soup, vegetables and fruits in food. He doesn’t have permission to take sugar or carbohydrate in his food. 

By 12, he weighed a staggering 192kg, making it difficult for him to move around, or even play with other kids. Due to his weight he become disable for walking and unable to attend the school. Therefore, he got his education at his home which he was devasted about.

His parents struggled to find him clothes that fit. Their earnings were not enough to provide food for the growing child, who typically ate twice the amount of a regular adult. He really had a hard life growing up as a child.

His Transformation

His plight, suffering and agony got the attention of a few doctors in Indonesia, who came together and were determined to make a change in the young boy's life.

Arya, whose only wish was to lose weight and be normal like other kids, was given a gastric bypass surgery to kick start his weight loss journey, but first he was put on a sugar-free diet and exercise.

He took up walking at least three miles a day and played badminton with his friends; tasks which seemed impossible for him previously. After which he undergoes Surgery at no cost.

After changes in physic, psychologically there is the positive change in his behavior. Happiness and confidence becomes the part of his nature permanently. Therefore, after school he plays football, tennis and other games with his friends. Arya parents are very happy for this changes in their son life. Due to decrease in weight the skin of this body become hanged and more surgery expected to remove this and after that Arya will spend their life like a normal child.

Now he has been dethroned from his title as the heaviest child in the world, after making a massive transformation by losing over 100kg.

Check out Arya's remarkable transformation here:

Before surgery: Only exercise and proper diet got him loosed in the above picture.

After Surgery

After Surgery

What do you think of the doctors that helped this young boy live his dream life?

What those this teach you about Determination, not loosing Hope and been Persistent?

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