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How My Cousin Cured Her Stubborn Infection Using Garlic (fiction)

Yes you saw it right!!

Garlic is a very strong ingredient but many people don't know .

When I heard of how powerful it is I decided to share the story to everyone,so those who are also battling from different infection can learn as well.

According to my cousin,

She have been having severe iching and rashes and serious pain in her stomach due to the infection, apart from that,she has been having little flow of her period.

This thing have repeat itself every month .

She decided to take drugs which worked but the infection came back after some months.

She tried so many means to get rid of this infection,but it keeps on coming back .

Then a friend told her about the use of clove and how it have helped her.

So she decided to give it a try.

In the first day of using clove ,it looked like nothing is working then she stopped.

After some time she came through a post on line telling her how to use the glove to get rid of infection so she tried it using these method;

1) sliced the garlic in a swallowable size

2) take like 2slice every morning on an empty stomach and at night.

3 use a thread to tie the glove well or use a needle and thread on the glove to make it strong.

4)then insert it .

She did this for one week and everything vanish .

Up till now she have not notice that infection again.

If you are one of those with stubborn infection,you can try this method and thank me later.

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