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They Were Not Born Cripple, They Are Suffering From A Disease You Do Not Know About

Those two girls just seem to be posing for a photo, don't they? (That's not a completely innocent image, I know they're in wheelchairs, but read this story, please.)

This is something I found when I was bored and searching for random stuff a few days ago, and I thought I'd share it with you guys! (I'm writing in my own words to make it easier to understand).

The disease of The Field is one of the rarest diseases ever to be found to this day. There are only two diagnosed cases in the entire world right now. Yep, you read that right—two out of 7.8 billion, like that. And those two, Catherine and Kirstie Fields, are Welsh twins.

Obviously, it's named after them because of how rare this condition is. When they were four, Catherine and Kirstie were first diagnosed with the disorder. They began to have difficulties with walking and getting around at the age of nine. They began having a tough time writing, sleeping, and even laughing at the age of eleven. They couldn't even talk at the age of fourteen.

This disease, which causes muscle degeneration, is a neuromuscular disease. Sounds pretty scientific, huh? What happens is without you noticing, it affects the nervous system, and so the muscles begin to deteriorate. It can affect the nerves in the same way sometimes, causing trembling and shivering.

The twins undergo regular and agonizing muscle spasms, enduring at least a hundred spasms a day. Going through emotional pain makes it harder for them at times. Now they are 25, and they're still suffering from the disease. For their mobility, they both use wheelchairs and voice boxes for contact. There is a progressive nature of this condition, so it only gets more painful day by day. But they live with their parents, who are trying their best to be happy, and under the supervision of doctors who are still working on a cure.

The disease of The Field is still not well known, and as of now it has not shown any effects on the brain, or any other part. It is uncertain whether or not this disease is fatal, and what life expectancy is for this type of disease.

I pray for Catherine and Kirstie to be able to recover and have a happy life from this illness.

Credit: Wiki and Quora

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