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10 Interesting Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water You Probably Don't Know

10 Interesting Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water

Hello reader, today I'll be sharing with you some very interesting benefits you stand to gain by drinking warm water.

Recently, i wrote two articles, one titled "How much water you should drink in a day and 9 benefits of drinking enough water everyday" and the other "Do You Still Drink Cold Water? See 4 Harmful Effects It Has On Your Body"

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Let's get into today's topic, which is the benefits of drinking warm water.

Warm water does a lot of interesting things in our bodies, so let us see some of these wonderful benefits!

1. Warm water detoxifies your body

Warm water helps to flush out harmful toxins from your body through sweat and urine, better and faster than water at room temperature. You will observe that you sweat and urinate more when you drink warm (or hot) water. Those are harmful toxins getting flushed out!

2. Warm water aids in digestion

Drinking warm water during or after meals goes a long way in aiding the process of digestion because it helps to breakdown food. Studies have also shown that drinking cold water during or after a meal can harden or solidify the oil present in the food, this makes it very difficult to digest. This can result in constipation and also hinder free bowel movement.

So, when next you have a meal, drink warm water instead of cold water.

3. Warm water helps in weight loss

Warm water is an excellent weight loss aid. Drinking warm water will give you a sense of fullness which will make you eat less. It will also increases your metabolic rate, thereby helping you burn calories without stress!

Wonderful, isn't it?

4. Warm water is an excellent remedy for cold, cough and sore throat

Drinking warm water can clear up your respiratory tract, it also loosens mucus. Inhaling steam also helps.

5. Warm water prevents premature ageing

Drinking warm water helps to enhance the ability of your skin to perform repairs, thus making your skin smoother and preventing wrinkles, dry skin and dark patches.

6. Warm water enhances blood circulation

By eliminating the harmful toxins circulating in your blood, it improves blood circulation and also lowers your risk of various health complications that may arise due to the presence of toxins in your blood.

7. Warm water reduces your risk of water-borne diseases

Heating water helps to kill a lot of microbes that are harmful to your body and may cause diseases. This makes warm(or hot) safer for drinking compared to cold water or water at room temperature.

8. Warm water helps to reduce menstrual cramps

The heat of the water provides a soothing effect on the abdominal muscles, this in turn helps to cure or reduce cramps and spasms

9. Warm water prevents acnes and pimples

10. Warm water enhances the health, growth and vitality of your hair

Thank you for reading through, that will be all for now.

I know you feel like drinking warm water already, please go ahead!

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