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7 quick steps in performing a CPR and saving someone's life

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it is an emergency life saving technique performed on people who just suffered an heart attack or cardiac arrest. Also performed in cases of drowning or fainting.

It is a first aid procedure that anyone can learn inorder to save someone's life in cases of emergency. Mostly done before the arrival of a professional health practitioner or Doctor, these are the 7 steps you can take in performing CPR in case the need arises;

1. Position your hands on the top of the Patients chest and ensure they lie down with their backs on a firm surface.

2. Interlock your fingers inorder to double up the pressure that will be applied on their chest.

3. Give chest compressions inorder to restart Patient's heartbeat.

4. Open Airways, this is done by opening Patient's mouth.

5. Perform rescue breaths, after opening Patient's mouth, you start breathing in air inorder to maintain their breathing.

6. Watch chest fall, do this to know if there is progress in Patient's breathing or heartbeat.

7. Restart chest compressions, if no sign of progress, continue with compression and also rescue breaths inorder to resuscitate the Patient.

Hopefully these steps are of great help and assist in saving someone's life out there.

Thanks for reading.

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