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"Should Christians take medication after prayer?" Prophet TB Joshua answers critical question

Prophet TB Joshua answers an important question that has been asked on many occasions - should a christian take medical treatment even after receiving prayer?

There are many troubled people that carry their drugs to me and say, man of God, this is my drug and after I prayed for them they will say, man of God, should I still use my medicine? If you cannot trust in God with your medicine, you cannot trust in God without your medicine because God himself is the God of nature. Those medicine are produced from plants. If a farmer can trust nature without a definite promise, we Christians should trust the God of nature. God is the God of nature. For operation to be successful, God makes it successful.

For one to have a good treatment, God makes it thus. He opens the way for a successful treatment. We treat God heals. Doctor treat God heals. He opens Doctor's eyes to give you appropriate treatment. If not they will not know anything. The tablets and medicine are nature and God is God of nature. If you cannot trust in God with your medicine, you cannot trust in him without your medicine. 

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