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4 STIs Which Can Be Transmitted Even With The Use Of Condom

It is always advisable to use protection when engaging in any form of sexual act. However, many people do not know that there are a few STIs which can somehow transfer from one partner to another even with the use of a condom.

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Here are those STIs;

1. Herpes

We have 2 types of Herpes: The Oral Herpes (HS1) and Genital Herpes (HS2). Oral Herpes can be transmitted through kissing and contact with saliva of an already infected person. 

While, Genital Herpes is transmitted via any form of genital contact which includes areas of the genitals that are  not physically covered by condom. For example; contact involving the scrotum and labia.

2. Pubic Lice Infestation 

The Pubic lice are very tiny parasitic organisms and they live on the pubic hair which causes severe itching. When you contacted, It usually feeds blood and causes massive discomfort. 

This can be transmitted through contact between two partners pubic hair, and surely condoms can not stop or prevent this transmission.

3. Syphilis 

Syphilis causes a particular type of ulcer which is known as the ’Syphilitic Ulcer’. It is usually located in the labia, scrotum or other sections of the genitals where condoms can not cover.  

It can be contracted by mere contact with these ulcers in an already infected partner.

4. Genital Warts

This is caused by some strains of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). These warts are located around the scrotum and labia. 

It can be contracted via contact with an infected person and exposure to the warts around the genital regions. 

Note: all the discussed infections can still be contracted even without penetration. Abstinence remains the best way to stay safe — or one can stay faithful to one partner. 

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