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3 Types Of Foods You Eat Often That Are Destroying Your Kidney

Food is essential for our health and we must eat food to survive as humans. As far as our internal organs such as kidney are concerned, there are things which we must do to keep them healthy.

Eating good food is one of those things required but most times, we depend majorly on foods that harm our organs especially the kidney.

However, this article will discuss about three (3) types of foods which we eat often that are destroying our kidney.1. The first type of food is processed foods: This category of foods have caused more harm than good to the body.

This is because, processed foods are made and preserved with chemicals that are capable of causing serious damage to the kidney and the body at large.

Processed foods contain lots of sodium and phosphorus which have been found to be direct ticket to kidney problems. These foods include noodles, pizza, sausage, ice cream, hot dog, processed meat and many others.

They contain harmful preservatives and additives which are enemies of the kidney. The link below has more to say:

2. Another type of food that destroy our kidney is fried foods: They include foods like bean cake (Akara), fried plantain, potatoes, yam, fish, chicken, fried meat and so many others.

Fried foods are very unhealthy for the kidney as they cause accumulation of fat in the body, causing the kidney to work endlessly trying to eliminate toxins.3. Also, foods high in sugar and carbonated drinks are yet another type of food which we eat often that destroy our kidney.

These foods are simply referred to as junks and they include buns, cakes, meat pie and others. These foods and drinks are capable of causing excess weight gain when they are not removed from the body.

This can eventually lead to other serious diseases like kidney problems, heart problems, obesity, high blood pressure and several others.

We are hereby, advised to stay away from these types of foods and feed more on fruits and vegetables to stay healthy.

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