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6 New Generation Home Appliances That Could Prove Really Useful In Your Home

They say there's nothing new under the sun but everyday brilliant people across the world find new innovative ways to prove them wrong.

There's hardly any day that I surf online that I don't find peculiar research, innovations and inventions that has been developed with the sole purpose of making our lives better.

Sometimes they fail in this task, other times the difference isn't so visible; however, every now and then, inventors manage to get a few of their crafts right and the combined effects of these appliances is what has taken the world to where it is today.

Sadly, the competitive nature of business (and the world in general) means that even when you have really good product, negative external factors such as trade and PR might end up impacting the success of such products. 

As such, many of the most useful appliances don't make it to the homes of people who really need it.

In this article, I just want to run down a list of some pretty useful but uncommon home appliances that could easily improve any home.

1. Automated Weight scale

The fear of weight gain due to the protracted stay at home order has increased in recent times but if you have this new weight scale you can ensure you that you monitor the extra pounds.

2. Gas Indicator

This absolutely amazing appliance can tell you where your gas level actually is. Using some magnetic blah-blah-blah, the sticker will tell you how many percent of gas remains. With this gas finishing in the middle of cooking will not happen again.

3. Rollers (for Abs building)

If you're into fitness and bodybuilding, this period is the perfect time for you to put in more gym time and get that body in the shape you've always wanted.

4. Hand Blender

If Nepa have spoilt your cooking by taking the light before you could blend your pepper and all, then I think you'll love this hand blender that's well made for easy, efficient blending without the use of light, it require very little effort.

5. Rechargeable Hand Fans

It might not be enough for night sleep but afternoons are the times when we have the least circulation of power in Nigeria. This is literally handy for such periods.

6. Hand Massagers

Two kinds of hand held massagers that are bound to get your muscles all straightened out.

What do you think about these appliances? Let me know via comments. Thanks.

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