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5 Foods You Should Eat To Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death

Sudden cardiac death (CDC) lists among one of the most critical and dreaded deaths that can kill in a matter of minutes. It is a sudden death that is caused by a stop or loss of major heart function.

Before a sudden cardiac death occurs, it is preceded by a cardiac arrest which causes heart failure and seizure, and at most times leads to death.

It is majorly caused by ill heart health conditions like enlarged heart, electrical problems in the heart, and heart diseases. It is also associated with dizziness, chest pain, loss of consciousness, and no or racing heartbeat.

Sudden cardiac death is majorly a result of an unhealthy heart and can be caused by certain foods that are very unhealthy and are harmful to the heart like:-

=> High sugar, salt, and fatty foods.

=> Processed foods

=> Red meat

=> Alcohol

=> Soda e.t.c

All these amongst many other foods are considered very unhealthy for the heart as they can cause and increase the chances of heart disease as well as trigger heart conditions that will lead to heart failure resulting in sudden cardiac death.

As much as sudden cardiac death can be caused by foods consumed, it can also be prevented by eating certain heart-healthy foods.

The question here now becomes, which foods can I eat to help prevent sudden cardiac death?

1) Leafy greens and vegetables:-

This food is a very nutritious one, which is known to be very healthy for the heart as they are very rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals like folate, which helps to prevent heart diseases that cause cardiac arrest and death.

2) Whole grains:-

Whole grains are healthy known foods that contain necessary nutrients that help to reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. They help in maintaining a healthy heart and reducing the risk of heart disease to prevent sudden cardiac death.

3) Fatty fish:-

Asides from just being very healthy kinds of fish, fatty fish can help prevent sudden cardiac death by lowering blood pressure, reducing blood clotting, and preventing heart diseases that would cause cardiac arrest.

4) Beans:-

They are highly packed with a lot of heart-healthy nutrients like antioxidants, folate, magnesium, and fiber that help control cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well boost the overall cardiovascular health to prevent sudden cardiac death.

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