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How To Take Care Of Your Legs In Diabetes To Prevent Amputation

One of the greatest nightmares of diabetic patients is the fear of amputation. For this reason, every diabetic patient should try to protect his or her legs from injury to prevent the possibility of injury that may be difficult to heal.

Because of this, diabetic patients should not engage in very strenuous or risky activities that may expose them to the risk of injury. They should also protect themselves very well before physical exercise.

In this article, we want to outline some ways diabetes patients may take care of their legs to prevent injuries.

1. Wash your legs regularly.

Regular washing of the legs may help a person to identify minor injuries and treat them on time.

2. Self examination of the legs regularly.

Every diabetic patient should examine his/ her legs regularly. This may help them to identify possible injuries on time.

3. Wearing of protective stockings.

It is important for diabetics to wear protective stockings in order to prevent possible injuries.

4. Wearing well fitted shoes.

Diabetics should wear shoes that are well fitted in order to prevent injuries that may occur as a result of undersize shoes.

5. Yearly examination of the legs by a qualified medical practitioner.

Apart from the daily self examination of himself, he should also be examined at least yearly or semiannually by a medical professional.

Inspite of all these physical protection, it is necessary to ensure that you keep your blood sugar level down by eating diet that is low in calories, taking enough fiber and unsaturated fats.

Checking your blood sugar level regularly and taking your medications as directed by your doctor is very essential.

Conclusion: By adhering to medical instructions and keeping watch over yourself to prevent injuries,the risk of complications that may lead to amputations is greatly minimized.

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