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Checkout how these Superheroes would look if they were Fatter

Everybody has an image what they feel is their ideal body weight or body type, though in most cases, people don't always get the exact type of body they want, it's either you're too thin or too fat or you don't have the right physique even though you have the right weight. One thing to note is that our physical appearance, much like everything else in our lives, only depends on us and whatever we do to get the type of body we want. Take a look at these hilarious photoshop images of how some Superheroes would look if they were fatter.

1. I don't know why but Loki looks so much older than he'd look of he were thinner.

2. Wanda kinda looks like Lizzo in this image, except that her skin is Caucasian pink instead of dark brown.

3. Black Widow looks totally unrecognizable like this, I wouldn't have known that it was Black Widow if not for her hair and her outfit.

4. This definitely looks like old man Logan to me.

5. This is what Superman would look like if he had a Dad Bod.

6. I can definitely say that this Batman would not be prowling on rooftops.

7. Take away the hair and the crown and you've got a dude.

8. Why would a robot be fat? There's no reason for that, maybe if Wanda started feeding Vision a little too much.

9. All those doughnuts finally got to Tony, he will have to start making the iron man suits in XL. PLEASE Follow and Share.

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