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Common Causes of liver swelling that you can avoid to keep the liver healthy

Due to its unilateral nature and the fact that it only has one in the body, the liver is one of the most delicate organs in the body. Because of this, everybody who genuinely cares about their health should consider the condition of the liver carefully.

The medical name for a disorder that develops when the liver becomes bigger or more swollen than it should be is hepatomegaly. The good news is that some of the factors contributing to this illness are preventable. We will thus examine some of the preventable causes of liver swelling or enlargement in this post in accordance with a Cleveland Clinic paper.

What Are The Avoidable Causes Of Liver Enlargement That Should Be Taken Seriously?

1. One of the reasons of enlarged livers is toxic hepatitis, which fortunately results from improper or excessive drug use. You run the danger of causing the liver to grow owing to toxicity if you often take painkillers, antibiotics, and some illicit substances like cocaine without a doctor's prescription. One must be careful when taking pharmaceuticals, whether they are helpful or evil, because they can be tough on the liver over time.

2. Another significant factor contributing to liver enlargement is excessive alcohol consumption, which is fortunately avoidable to protect the liver. For both men and women, a bottle or two of alcohol is a moderate intake, but over this amount, whether or not you are intoxicated, increases your risk of liver enlargement. If you must consume alcohol, be cautious to limit your intake to a moderate amount to protect your liver.

3. Another virus that might result in liver enlargement is mononucleosis, sometimes known as kissing disease. Make sure not to exchange saliva with just anyone you see. Mono can be contracted through kissing or other salivary fluid contact with a person who is infected. Allow just your partner to participate.

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