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Rickets in children: Signs and treatment

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Rickets is a bone disease caused by a vitamin D and calcium deficiency that can be prevented. It only affects children during their growing years, and it causes softer, weaker bones to flex or fracture into aberrant shapes. Rickets can affect babies as young as three months old and can last until adolescence.

Inadequate quantities of vitamin D and calcium are the main causes of rickets and the signs include;

1 Tenderness or pain in the arms, legs, spine, and pelvis bones

2 Stunted growth and short stature

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3 Bones that are brittle and easily fracture

4 Continuous seizures and muscle cramps.

Vitamin D and calcium deficiency is the most common cause of rickets and the most effective treatment is to increase the child's vitamin D and calcium intake. The amount of each is determined by the doctor based on the child's age and the etiology of rickets.

Here are ways to treat rickets in children

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1 Consume more vitamin D and calcium-rich meals 

2 Injections of vitamin D if the child is unable to take supplements orally.

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3 Give your child vitamin D and calcium supplements

4 Sunbathing or outdoor activities that expose the child to the sun.

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5 Corrective surgery for children with malformed bones or spines may be recommended, as well as the usage of braces and supports until the bones strengthen.

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