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Read Beauty Standards That Mislead Women

All women are beautiful according to their respective versions of themselves

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Beauty has been considered inherent with the physical appearance possessed by women. Many people assume that beauty must be beautiful it must be this way, even though beauty is relative and everyone has things that make them look beautiful without having to be recognized by other people that they are beautiful. The standard of beauty of a woman actually cannot be measured by anything because every woman must have her own beautiful side. Beauty standards are also formed starting from the environment, such as family and the general public.

There are still a lot of people who still judge a woman as beautiful or not according to the standard of female beauty that they think is right. The standard of female beauty in the whole world causes many women to be less confident about what they have because they are not in accordance with the beauty standards set by the Indonesian people themselves.

Beauty must be white, beautiful must be thin, beautiful must have long straight hair, beautiful must have black hair, beautiful must be sharp, beautiful must be tall, and there are many more standards of beauty in Nigeria that invite many pros and cons. All beauty standards are formed because of the culture from outside that entered Indonesia. With the standard of beauty that must be possessed by these women, there is a mention of ugly women. Even though all women have their own beautiful side without having to emphasize or show others that beautiful side.

The existence of beauty standards like this example makes women in Nigeria compete to meet these beauty standards. Like a woman who has been born with black skin, she will do whatever it takes to be able to have white skin, even though if she has a black skin color but clean it is enough to think that she is beautiful and can look different from other women who already has white skin color.

Why can beauty standards mislead women? It can be said to be misleading because many women are affected by the existence of beauty standards that have been determined by various parties, making women justify any means to meet these beauty standards. Especially with the recently emerging title "that which is good looking that is more appreciated". This term was coined by men who always prioritize women who are beautiful and women who are beautiful will continue to be considered right even though what they actually do is wrong. This makes women feel that their lives are made easier if they have a beautiful face.

Existing beauty standards can be said to be misleading because all women want to be beautiful and all women will justify any means for themselves to look beautiful. There are those who voluntarily endure extreme pain in order to look beautiful in the eyes of others through surgery that changes their other face or body to make it look perfect. A woman is also willing to endure hunger to maintain the stability of her weight only to be seen as having an ideal body in the eyes of others.

Other people's perceptions of us can influence how we see ourselves. If other people judge ourselves to be beautiful, we will definitely feel that we are beautiful, whereas if other people say that we are not beautiful, we will feel that we are not beautiful and that will make us lose confidence to show who we are. We will tend to swear from the public through what we wear, such as using make up to cover our shortcomings, we will feel afraid of being shunned and also abandoned if someone knows our appearance without using make up.

It can be said that it is useless if there is a woman who is beautiful but does not have a good heart and attitude.

Women really try to be able to create the perception that they are beautiful in the eyes of others and this makes women very concerned about their physical appearance, as there is a trend for women to have an ideal body, namely a diet program to create an attractive appearance at home. other people's eyes upon seeing her. Yet if we are confident in what we have, we do not need to fulfill the satisfaction of other people's views of us. If we continue to follow what other people say it will be detrimental to ourselves because the one who knows about us is ourselves and if we continue to think about what other people say it will definitely have a negative impact on our mental health.

Beauty is relative, indeed the word beautiful is a flexible word in the definition and every woman must have her own unique name that will make them feel that they are beautiful without having to be recognized by others that they are beautiful. We can also look beautiful in the eyes of the right people and people who can appreciate what we have in our bodies. By feeling that we are beautiful in our own version means that we are grateful for what God has given us. Beauty is also not the main thing that we have to pay attention to, but health must be number one for us to protect, if we feel pain to look beautiful it means we have wasted what God has given us.

Women also have the emotional or emotional nature that makes this standard of beauty created. That is why there is a standard of female beauty but no standard of male beauty. If a woman is given input that something is lacking in her, there is always a desire to change it so that it can be said to be perfect, whereas if a man is given input about what he is lacking, he will be very ignorant and believe that that is him.

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