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You Are Poor If You Are Still Doing Any Of These 6 Things

Some say poverty is a disease while others say it's a thing of the mind. For me I say poverty is not all about not having the physical cash. Some have a lot of money but are poor in many ways while the others may have no money but are rich. There are certain things which are not expected of someone who is rich. But certain people who flaunt their money around, designating themselves to be rich are guilty of doing these things. If you are still doing any of the things listed below, that means you are still poor:

1) Receiving more than giving: If you are still comfortable with being at the recieving end instead of being the giver, if you are still settled and happy with this, that means you are still poor no matter how rich you may consider yourself to be. Real rich people do more of giving than recieving.

2) Making everyone know each time you render help to someone: If you still sing your praises and make everyone know you did this and did that, don't consider yourself rich no matter the amount of money you have. Rich people give without publicity.

3) If you are blocking or stopping others from excelling: If you're guilty of this, that means you're very poor. A rich man doesn't stop other people's success, rather they help others climb up the ladder

4) If you're ignoring those close to you: If you're ignoring family and friends who needs your help, then you're poor. Those around you especially family should feel your impact in their lives. If you don't and can't help them financially, then you're poor no matter how rich you think you are

5) If you don't provide for yourself: Some people consider themselves rich because their bank account is heavy, yet they are seriously lacking. They don't want to touch their money in the bank. They only derive satisfaction seeing their bank alerts but never use it to solve their needs. If you're doing this you are poor.

6) If you want others to provide for you: Some people would rather save up their money and squander and use that of others. Some people are working class citizens but still prefer to rely on their parents and those around them for financial help. If you are still doing this, you surely are poor.

So you see, it's not all about how much you have, sometimes it's about how much you can give and sacrifice from the little you have. Some will never agree they have enough to help others no matter how much they earn. Please we should learn how to give. If you're tight fisted, there would never be room for more to enter. Try to be a blessing to those around you no matter how little it may be.

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