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Suffering From Urinary Tract Infection, No Worries, Check Out Natural Way To Remedy It.

Urinary tract infection is an infection that attacks the urinary system of human beings. This is caused by the by the entrance and multiplication of bacteria in the urinary structure. It is an ugly condition that causes severe pain and discomfort to the one suffering it. 

However, it makes if difficult for one to pass out urine without stress or pains. Hence one would sometimes be afraid to pass out urine. Nevertheless, it will be good to know the symptoms or signs of urinary tract infection and know how to go about it if experiences of such occur. The signs or symptoms of urinary tract infection include the following: Cloudy Urine, Pelvic Pain, Rectal pain, Blood signs in the Urine, Pain when Urinating, Stinking Urine. When these signs are noticed, the person should not hesitate to consult a qualified doctor for diagnosis of the infection and to know how to go about it.

Herbal Remedy For Urinary Tract Infection.

Ingredients: Unripe Pawpaw, corn-silk, Garlic, Water.

Procedure: Assemble Unripe Pawpaw and Garlic, put them in a container and pour water. Leave it for three days, this is to allow it to ferment.

Dosage: Drink one cup, three times in a day.

An alternative is to boil Corn silk and drink as tea. This can be taken two times in a day.

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