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7 Ways To Keep Your Private Organ Healthy

Your vagina resembles The Incredible Hulk, not in the muscular and green sense, but in the sense that you won't like her when she's furious. 

Unfortunately, she is easily irritated by a wide variety of things. The good news is that maintaining her favor isn't difficult.

After puberty, every woman should take her feminine hygiene seriously. If this fails, you may have to go through the ordeals of illness and foul odor, which is something you would rather avoid.

You may be concerned about your general health, but your vaginal health is equally vital. Otherwise, it will demand your attention with some rather annoying symptoms like discomfort, dryness, stink, and whatever else you can think of.

Here are few things you should avoid to make your vagina happy and healthy.

1. Trim Time

Allow only a small amount of pubic hair to grow. In the private area, overgrowth traps sweat and causes odor. As a result, it's best to shave or trim any excess hair. To avoid cuts and rashes while shaving, use a shaving gel or conditioner.

If you want a long-lasting smooth and fresh feeling, you could opt for a Brazilian wax. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but the sensation of freshness that follows is well worth it. It isn't just you who will enjoy it; your partner may as well.

2. Antibiotics should not be used excessively. 

Antibiotic use that isn't necessary can have a negative impact on vaginal health. Because antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria, they can alter the flora (i.e., the colony of beneficial bacteria) in your vaginal area, allowing yeast and other infections to thrive. 

Obviously, if you need to take an antibiotic to battle an infection, you should not refuse the prescription; however, you should double-check that it is absolutely necessary before beginning the course.

3. For down there, avoid scented soaps. 

Even while scented body wash smells great, it has no place near your genitals. 

Because your vaginal skin lacks a protective layer, unlike your epidermis, soap and other chemicals can be extremely damaging to that delicate skin. 

To keep things clean down there, you actually simply need to rinse with warm water. Stick with a normal, gentle, unscented soap if you can't bear the thought of going soap-free.

4. Wipe from front to back whenever possible. 

You don't want to bring whatever lurks in the rear to the front, as you might imagine. E. coli and other bacteria from the GI tract can enter the vaginal area in this way. You've probably heard it before, and while it may appear to be simple, it is crucial. 

5. Make an informed decision when it comes to underwear. 

Because cotton underwear is the most breathable, it is the greatest choice for your vagina. You're better off sleeping without any underpants for the same reason. Also, thongs aren't a good idea. Bacteria can enter the urethra and cause UTIs.

6. Use an unscented detergent to wash your underwear. 

The chemicals in scented detergents break down the natural barrier that protects your vagina from infections, which is made up of oils and discharge. It's recommended to avoid detergents that contain artificial chemicals or scents, especially if you're prone to illnesses.

7. Condoms should be used. 

Rubbers are known for protection against STDs and pregnancy, but condoms also assist maintain the pH level in the vaginal area, allowing beneficial bacteria like lactobacilli to thrive. And this is critical because those bacteria help prevent yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and bacterial vaginosis. Just in case you needed a reason to call it a day.

Follow these guides to keep your vagina healthy and safe. Please share this with someone.

Content created and supplied by: Otunsha (via Opera News )

The Incredible Hulk


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