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3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Prepare Tomorrow.

Breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day. Several research and studies has also shown that eating breakfast regularly helps to reduce the risk of having certain chronic diseases and medical conditions. And its such a shame that a lot of people prefer to skip it. In their opinion, lunch and dinner is more important or sometimes, they don't eat breakfast simply because they are too lazy to cook.

However, the truth is that, there are a few healthy breakfast ideas which are very easy to prepare as well. These breakfast ideas contains lots of nutrients and minerals needed for the proper functioning of the body. Read further in this article to find out about 3 amazing foods you can eat as breakfast in order to have strength and energy to carry out your daily activities. See them below;

1. Beans cake (Akara) with custard or pap.

Akara is one of the most loved food in Nigeria today. It is gotten from the very popular protein food known as beans. And whenever Akara is paired with pap or custard, it becomes more tasty, nutritious and nourishing to the body.

2. Bread, eggs and hot tea.

Bread, eggs and tea is one of the most common breakfast meal in Nigerian family homes. It is definitely a great source of protein and energy which helps a person stay strong and active throughout the entire day.

3. Cereal and milk.

Cereal is an amazing breakfast food that is gotten from roasted grain, maize and others. Cereals are better off combined with milk for more nutritional benefits. Although most people think that cereal are for children, that's definitely not true. Cereal is a great choice of breakfast for everyone irrespective of their age and gender.

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