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5 Health Problems Common In Men

There are certain health problems in men that can be treated.

But it can also be prevented with proper exercise and diet before it becomes a health problem.

These health problems start very little and gets bigger. 

Identifying it on time and curbing it will go a long way to a man's health.

The following health problems are: 

1. Beer bulging belly: As men age, they tend to gain weight, with much of it settling in the gut. Often referred to as a "beer belly," a widening waist, especially over 40 inches, can raise the risk of heart disease.  

It can indicate the presence of too much abdominal fat, the type that is stored around your internal organs. 

Some studies show a link between abdominal fat and a variety of cardiovascular health problems. However, proper diet and exercise can help reduce your waistline, as well as your risk for obesity-related diseases.

2. Snoring: Snoring affects men more, making it more common in men than in women. It can be affected by the position you sleep in, medications you take, alcohol, and underlying medical conditions. 

It also can be a sign of a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea, which stops sleepers' breathing for short periods. If snoring disrupts your sleep or your partner's sleep, consult your doctor to rule out any medical conditions.

3. Body Odour: Body odour comes from bacteria that thrive in a warm, moist environment. When we sweat, our skin becomes a breeding ground for these bacteria, and we may give off an unpleasant body odor. 

Stinky foods such as garlic and onions may also be culprits. Usually a shower, clean clothes, and antiperspirant deodorant will get rid of body odour.

Extreme body odour, sometimes called bromhidrosis, is more common in men than women. It's caused by bacteria that feed on sweatparticularly sweat from the underarms and groin produced by your apocrine glands. 

Prevention usually involves keeping skin as dry as possible and mitigating bacteria. If standard treatments fail, sweat glands can be removed through surgery.

4. Jock itching: Jock itch (tinea cruris) is a fungal infection that can cause a red, itchy rash in the groin area and inner thighs. 

It often occurs after excessive sweating such as from hot weather or exercise. Jock itch is more common in overweight men. It may arise from a case of athlete's foot that spreads to the groin, as the same type of fungus causes both problems. 

It can be treated with antifungal creams or gels. To prevent recurrence, treat athlete's foot at the same time (if you have it), keep the area clean and dry, and wear loose-fitting clothes. 

5. Enlarged Prostate: As men age, enlarged prostate is a common problem. It affects 50 % men from age 50 and above and up to 90% of men by age 85. 

The prostate is a gland that surrounds the urethra, and when it is enlarged it can cause symptoms including the feeling of needing to urinate more often or more urgently, or frequent nighttime urination. 

Talk to your doctor about behavioral modifications or medications to help relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate

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