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4 Foods to eat regularly in your 60s and above to keep your bones strong

It is vital to take good care of your bones because the bones help the body to move and stay upright.

The bones also help protect sensitive internal organs like the brain and gives the body minerals llke the calcium and phosphorus needed in the body. American academy of orthopaedic surgeon{AAOS} has made us to know that once you become 50 and above, you lose mass and the body stops replacing old bones.

Eating good food is very important to maintain good health and strong bones as you age. You will all agree with me that with age comes responsibility.

I would list 4 foods to eat regularly in your 60s to maintain a good health system and keep your bones very strong.

Befor we list this food items needed , it's important to list minerals and vitamins essential for the bones.


Vitamin D


Vitamin K




Now let's go name the foods to eat from your 60s above to keep the bone strong.

1 plantains and bananas - plantain and banana has a very good amount of minerals and vitamins necessary for bone development. You will agree with me that fruits are very important in the body. It improves the health system.

2 Boiled Eggs-egg can be served in different formats but the boiled egg gives a very good nourishment to the bone tissue, making the bones strong.

3 Chicken and Goat meat - chicken and goat meat provides vitamins and calcium needed for the bones.the goat meat contains high levels of iron which is essential for the bones

4 Fish- the fish offer an array of bone-boosting nutrients. They contain vitamin D, which helps your body use calcium, which may also aid's also a very strong protenous food substance that's necessary

Stay healthy, live longer. Cheers

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