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See what 75 years old woman did when she heard she would be having Injection for three days

Having injection by some people can be quite tolerating while some, irrespective of their age, may find it really painful and act funny upon hearing the news they will be having an injection.

A northern Nigerian elderly woman expressed her displeasure with a burst of tears when she heard that she would be having injection for three days. The reaction of the elderly woman did not only amuse everyone in the hospital ward where she went but also her grandson who accompanied her there.

It is funny how people get nervous about injection. Even some strong-willed men have shown that nervous looks upon hearing that they are going to have injection - maybe because of the sight of syringe.

The reason can however be narrowed down to the way some nurses have a gruesome hand for giving injection, or it could be the vitriolic sensation people get after receiving some powerful injections.

'If I can swallow the drugs, why give me injection?' is usually the response of some people which this writer considers to be reasonable. For those who are having high-blood pressure, the fear of receiving injection may cause a more serious harm if injection is a must-have.

The belief that injection is more effective than drugs may not necessarily count as there are good drugs out there which can work the same miracles just like injections.

You can watch the video through the link below:

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