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Get rid of COUGH using only two Things.(STEPS)

Coughing is one the commonest ailments currently, especially now that it is the raining season. Lots of people are prone to coughing and have taken lots of medications, and it seems to no avail.

Cough can be described as reflex action which looks commonly, it can also clear up your throat. Though most people cough to clear up their throat, but there comes a time when the coughing is out of hand, it becomes more frequent than normal.


If your are coughing, and then the coughing is more than two weeks. It is no more an ordinary cough. But it could be called an acute cough most times.

If you notice that your cough last between three to eight weeks. It can be called sub acute cough.

And then, if you cough constantly for more than eight weeks. It is called chronic cough.

The highest stage, which is the worst of all. Is when you start coughing up blood. Or worst still when it is a barking cough.

It important to note that cough doesn't not come to anyone, or just as a result of bad luck. Not at all. There are salient reasons which leads to persistent coughing. 

1. As a result of smoke:

If you are always in an environment which is seriously polluted it could lead to chronic cough. Or you do smoke frequently. This kind of cough can be called smokers' cough.

2. Respiratory Tract infection:

This is very major cause of cough, as a result of cold or you can call it flu. It can last from days to weeks. If not treated properly.

3. Asthma:

It should not sound surprising to know that asthma can result in persistent coughing. Especially in the younger children. It can be in the form of wheezing also.

4. Others include Bacteria infection, which could be in the form of Pneumonia, whooping cough.

5. If your vocal cords is damage it could also lead to chronic cough.

It is very important that when once you notice you are coughing, between the ranges as listed above, which could result in either acute cough, or subacute cough or even chronic cough. You shouldtake care of it and look for steps to get rid of it quickly. If don't, and the cough is persist, it can result in 

1. Coughing up blood.

2. You would be having chest pain.

3. Sometimes, headaches

4. You feel drowsy and dizzy.

I have decided to share with you simple remedies and steps you can take to get rid of Chronic cough, or persistent coughing.

Things you need.

Only two ingredients.

1. Bitter Kola

2. Original honey.

How to go about it.(STEPS)

1. Take 10 seeds of bitter Kola.

2.Grind the bitter Kola to powder.

3. Get your original honey. Just half a cup.

4. Mix it together.

5. Take only two spoons thrice. Preferably morning, afternoon, and night.

6. Take it daily for Four days.

Then you can happily say bye bye to cough.

Any questions, let me know in the comments section.

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