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How lovemaking can cause a heart attack

When you make love to your partner, it is important for you to understand some of the risks involved. Apart from sexually transmitted infections, heart attack is another danger associated with lovemaking. How is this even possible?

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According to an analysis published in 2011 in the American Journal Association, vigorous lovemaking triples one's risk of suffering from heart attacks. This is mostly associated with inactive lovemakers. What this means is that, for those that love making love in a rough way, it is very harmful to those who are not active.

When your strength can not take it, you are likely to face a heart attack after making love in a rough way. If both parties are active, no much worry. But if for instance, the man is active and the woman is not, the woman stands the risk of a heart attack after vigorous lovemaking.

How do you know if you are active or not?

Being active in this case is not limited to being sexually active. If you can't run for a minute before you get tired, it means you have a deficiency in activeness. If you are not strong enough to exercise your body, it means you are not active such for a lovemaking process.

What are the signs to take note of?

Below are some of the red flags signifying heart attacks after vigorous lovemaking.

1. Short breath.

You will start noticing that you can no longer breathe well. It might be during or after the act. If you notice this during the act, stop the act and never make vigorous love again.

2. Chest pain.

You would start experiencing chest pain. This pain doesn't stay long as it comes and goes. But when it comes, it is severe. If you notice this, it means you need to stop vigorous lovemaking.

Bottom Line

If you don't have the ability to make love for hours or in a rough way, kindly desist. Do not kill yourself while trying to satisfy your partner because, in the end, you would be on the losing side. Heart attack in lovemaking is real; don't fall victim.

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