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Ask yourself this Questions before engaging in an Abortion

Most people engage their selves in the act of abortion without knowing the consequences of what they are doing. Below are five questions you should ask yourself before thinking of aborting your baby.

1. What if I die during the process?

Many young people go into abortion without knowing if they will die or survive the process, the first thing that should come to your head when someone tells you to commit an abortion is will you die after doing this.

Immediately you asked yourself this question positive thoughts will start coming to your mind like: where will I go after doing this, what kind of shame am I putting my family into, what will the world say of me after I died from an abortion.

2. What if I lose my womb after doing this?

Many women are barren in this world not because they were born barren but because they had once engaged themselves in an act of abortion.

Every woman wants to bear children for her husband when they get married, if you don't want your future mother inlaw to stress your life to death, please don't commit any abortion.

3. Am I killing the next important person in the world?

How can you kill a child who didn't commit any crime?. What if you have just killed the next president or the next doctor or you have just killed the next scientist who is going to invent great things to help the world including you.

If Sir Isaac Newton was aborted, we would not have gotten the Laws of Motion, what if Albert Einstein was aborded, we wouldn't have gotten the theory of relativity which revolutionized our understanding of space, time, gravity of the universe.

So before aborting your child, think of what the child might become in the future.

4. How will God judge me after doing this?

It doesn't matter if you are a Christian or Muslim, there is only one God and in his commandments He said though shall not kill, the penalty of this sin is death. So please before doing this think of the judgment you will receive when you die.

5. Will I be able to survive the guilt of committing an abortion?

All human beings are created with emotions, because that is what makes us humans. So think of the type of guilt you will be feeling after you might have committed the abortion.

Some people later kill themselves because they couldn't handle all the guilt they were feeling.

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